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Waikato Meat Limited is introducing a small range of AFFCO branded Products as shown below.
Shortly, we will also be producing a range of Waikato Meat branded products custom produced for the Chinese retail market.
We can also help you develop your own OEM brand if required.

Please note that the Branding, Treatment, and Packaging shown here is indicative only at this time - these are just our initial offerings – let us know if you have any specific requirements.

Initial Offering - AFFCO Retail Products

As mentioned, we have a range of AFFCO retail branded products available for sale right now.

The current products available are:

90CL Beef Trimmings

Beef trimmings. This product is 90CL (Chemical Lean) Cow meat. It is from every part of the carcass and the piece sizes are random.
Vacuum packed into 1.0 kg packages.

AFFCO Beef Trimmings retail meat

Diced Beef

This product is PS Chuck meat (85-90 CL) that has been diced to approximately 20 mm cubes.
Packed into both 500 g and 1.0 kg packs.

AFFCO Diced Beef

Ox Tails

Ox Tails. Approximately one tail per pack. Can be prepared either sliced or cut into lengths as illustrated below.
The packs vary a lot in size depending on the size of the tail from 700 g to 1,200 g but average roughly 800 g.

§ Sliced Ox Tails

AFFCO Ox Tails Sliced

§ Ox Tails in Lengths

AFFCO Ox Tails Long

Point End Brisket (PEB) - Sliced

This product can be sliced to any thickness from 2.5mm upwards as per customer specification. It is packed in either 500 g or 1.0 kg packs.

AFFCO Point End Brisket (PEB) Sliced

Taiwan “A” Muscle

This is the A Muscle part of the Shankmeat.
There are two muscles packed into each vacuum pack - the weight varies but averages approx. 800 g.

AFFCO Taiwan A Muscle

Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ)

For Seafreight, minimum order quantities are by container - either 20 ft containers (approx. 15,000 kg) or in 40 ft container (approx. 23,000 kg). These orders can be for container loads containing mixed products.

For Airfreight, MOQ is by pallets containing 1,000 kg each. Once again, this can be for a mixed loads of different products.

Types of Retail Packs

There are currently two options for retail packs: either the black “flat plastic” or “vacuum skin” type of pack as shown below:

§ Flat Plastic Pack Examples

Black plastic backing with a clear plastic front with AFFCO branding.

AFFCO Flat Packing1    AFFCO Flat Packing2

§ Vacuum Skin Packs Examples

Either black or clear stiff plastic tray with clear plastic “skin” over the meat.

AFFCO Skin Packing1    AFFCO Skin Packing2

Packaging for Delivery

These products will be delivered in plastic lined cardboard cartons each containing from 8kg to 15kg of meat depending on the product:

AFFCO Carton Packing1    AFFCO Carton Packing2

AFFCO Carton Packing2

AFFCO Branded Retail Meat Products - General

The General Information about all of these products is:

§ Halal

All of the AFFCO products shown are certified Halal.

§ Delivery State

All of these products are delivered frozen.

§ Product Range, Product Treatment, Packaging, etc.

The product range, product treatment (diced, sliced etc.), package size, and package type in this document are for our initial range of products only. If you require anything different please discuss with us.